Native iOS development,
Creative Consulting
by Dennis Hescox

Maze Journey
Single or multiplayer maze game for Apple TV. Utilizes Siri Remote and/or any MFi game controllers.

PuzzleTest - Ad Hoc distribution.
Demonstration of multiplayer jigsaw puzzle. Allows simultaneous work on the same puzzle from multiple devices.

My GIS - Proof of concept.
Personal GIS (geographic information system) Collects live locations. Extraction of GPS locations from, and conversion to, multiple sources. Display and measurements on sets and subsets of locations. Utilizes CoreLocation, MapKit and CoreData.

Garbage Truck - Proof of concept.
Animated Children's Book scripting engine. Allows designer to gather text, images and sounds to create pages that a child can read themself or have read to them, page by page. Practice spelling by touching a word and the book will pronounce the spelling, accompanied by animation of each letters. Opening the page or touching images on the page produces unique busy box style animations and interactions.

Creates and maps time and place b3acons. (parties, meetings, pick up the kids.) Live mapping of participants. Sends b3acon link via email, message, twitter, facebook. In app chat private to each b3acon.

iSuggest developed for App Monsters.
in App Store 2011 thru 2013.
Allows user to send email comments to business where service needs improvement / praise / suggestions. Determines business location (GPS - server lookup). User control of allowed business response (messages, coupons, surveys)

Kurama Travel - Proof of concept.
Conversion of travel book to include live map linking of users location and locations listed in the book.

iShaman - Ad Hoc distribution.
Collection of rattles and drums along with optional metronome and network beat syncing.

Game Table - Proof of concept.
Generic networked card games engine.

Video Preview - Proof of concept.
Video "choose your own adventure" engine.

California State Fair - Sacramento Exhibit Ad Hoc distribution.
Touch Screen map-fly-through display engine for iPad. Touch screen control and auto run interface to show multiple display sets, using Google Maps to fly between picture set / attraction locations.

Mobile Music Messenger Developed for San Francisco App Studio.
in App Store August 2009 thru January 2011.
Social messaging of musical listening, likes and desires. Touch interface to generate messages (Email, Twitter & Facebook) about current music listening.

Maze Wars Revisited
Networked 1st person maze shooter (game)